A photo of me, sitting next to a green wall, carefully looking at you. Yes, you!

I design interfaces and products that make sense

Currently, I'm a designer at Djinni, tech job marketplace. I'm in charge of product, experience and design.

What I do

I design websites, mobile apps & interfaces that help people solve problems and companies make more money, achieve goals, and grow faster.

Detailed case studies are coming soon ™

My guilty pleasure is creating beautiful websites using Webflow and low-code services. Usually, they are multiple-page websites or landing pages. Most recently, I cooked up these bad boys:

How I work

I prefer working closely with ambitious teams, focus on the essentials, move fast, test ideas with real people in real world. Fuck methodologies, JTBD, CJM's, frameworks, and so-called best practices: they distract from real work and create a false sense of progress.

For businesses

I design interfaces that are friendly and valuable for customers, and easy to implement for engineers.

For startups

I help to identify the problem and design an MVP. I will advise on tools for building if you don't have an engineer or development resources.

For product teams

I design growth experiments and help your team look at the challenges differently to build a better product.

What I charge

$60/hour. When the project is predictable and we're on the same page, I prefer to set a fixed price and get things done.

This is where a website ends, and something exciting begins, hopefully.